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Subject: Chicago Experience part 1My first Trans gender Experience
Char1979 I went to the century mall, a perfectly straight man as far as I knew.
I was shopping around the various stores, just killing a Saturday night,
when I finally decided to go. I wound my way down through the various levels
and was nearly outside when I ran into a confrontation.
I was ready to go and a gay man in tight jeans and a tight blouse, was
having to fight off some goash men, giving her shit for being a feminine gay in
this early day and age. I am a very athletic man and decided to Lolitas Bbs come to
her defense.
I ran off the bullies and the woman introduced herself as Carla and Her man
as Alphonse and I could not help but Lolitas Bbs wonder why they were not beat up more
often….We spoke for a few moments and I found myself aroused by Carla, I can’t say
why, because she was tall and thin and flat as a plate. “Can we have lunch
to thank you? Before I knew what I said, I agreed. We exchanged phone
numbers and headed off in or own directions.Wednesday, Carla called and asked me to breakfast at Many’s. A local
Joint. We met and Alphonse was missing. She wore tight jeans and A flowery top
which showed she had no tits. I was a little embarrassed as I arrived. She
stood and kissed me on the cheek and then sat down. We ate breakfast and she
chatted like a woman, wearing out my patience. I listened and figured out
her and Alphonse were on the edge as far as a serious relationship. I
smiled a lot and felt all out of place, except for the hard on. I had a rangier
beneath the table. I have to admit I was surprised.In fact I questioned the
reaction of my penis, but somehow she made me erect. I found myself more
intent on what she was saying.As the weeks went on, Carla called me more and bitched about Alphonse more
and we hung out and began drinking together. We both seemed to love
Manhattans, so we would joked about out cocktails and laugh and get tipsy
together. Carla one day fell into my chest and cried and said it was over, Alphonse
was a bastard and he had no Lolitas Bbs under standing of her needs and I held her, a
bit unsure of her emotions. I held her for a long time and eventually, she
raised her face to mine, So with out thinking, I kissed her. We locked into
a French kiss for several moments and I seemed to forget myself. It wasn’t
long before I was feeling her up, making my move, I never for one second
thought about her gender. She was my girlfriend now and I found her so
vulnerable and sexy, I just went for it. I felt her ass and it made me more
erotic and then her boobs, which when I first fond myself realizing I was
dealing with a man. I found my hand under her dress and finding her penis. I
guess my closeness o her caused me to grasp her penis and fell it fill up with
eroticism…Our tongues met and she responded as we came close together, I found myself
out of control and so horny I could not stand it. I dropped to my knees
and found her cock and took it free of her panties. I looked it over before
finally taking, bringing it into my warm mouth. I was amazed at how much and
how soft and how right it felt as it slid into my throat.. Carla moaned in
pleasure, I moaned as well, it was not at all what I expected. Her penis
filled my mouth and it was so delicious, so inviting, I was over my fear of
gay sex in sixty seconds. She had my heart for now. I did what I would
imagine I would like, I slid it in and out, sucking it and just flat enjoying
the sensation. She kicked her head back and in a look of pain, she said,
take it out or I will cum in your mouth.Well that is all I needed, that was
the sexiest statement I ever heard, so I looked at her and said, let me have
it. She let her eyes roll back in her head , and I felt her warm cum shoot
into my mouth….
I went right a head and swallowed it as I was in the moment. She tasted so
good, I was more turned on now than before.
She clapped in my arms and we kissed for what seemed like ten minutes. “OH
Jimmy, you made me feel like a real woman, in ten months with Alphonso, He
never did., She nestled Lolitas Bbs into my arms. I kissed her head, her lips and
smiled, I was in a real romantic mood .Carla, Smiled and kissed me and made me
feel so romantic.
We slept like babies and I awoke early, with a very large hard on and Carla
must have sensed it, because she slid down and gave me the blow job of a
lifetime.! I went back to sleep in her arms, she had her head nestled in my
shoulder. I smiled until I was sound asleep.

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